Video: Italian Coaching

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Published on 12 Jan 2016A video of Alexander James Edwards ( tenor) working on the role of Foresto ( from Verdi's Attila) with Italian coach Matteo Dalle Fratte. The pianist / musical coach for the session is Caroline Dowdle. 

This video gives an insight into the early preparation of an operatic role with regards to the use of the italian language and the interpretation and delivery of the music and libretto. It also shows the professional relationship between singer, Italian coach and music coach. 

As well as learning the technical aspects of singing in Italian, the session is also fun for all involved. 

The purposes of such a session includes the following:

Authentic pronunciation and use of the Italian Language

How to use the language to assist the drama and communication whilst at the same time using the language to assist the physical act of singing in a large space ( theatre) over a large orchestra without amplification in the most efficient way. 

Subsequently the audience receives a clear story telling of the role ( through diction and voice production) whilst at the same time the singer is not fatigued and also free to make artistic choices regarding the delivery of text and music.